Persistence Pays

What To Do

Teen Drug Abuse

It is important to realize that drug abuse is an escape. An escape from an unfulfilling reality. This typically does not stem from a bad home environment but more of a security issue. Fathers bring stability to a home and a child. The Father is the source of confidence in a child.


Most divorces cause parents to over look things a child does and feel bad for them. In reality, stiff perimeters are what give a child a sense of certainty, something they can depend on. When a child is acting out and using drugs, it is important to support them but also to take every avenue possible to make it more difficult for the child to continue living this way.

Start With Things You Can Do

Over Prescribing Doctors

The leading cause for drug use in our youth today is over prescribing doctors. Doctors have a responsibility when dealing with all narcotic drugs and they know the addictive effects. Many Doctors are prescribing max doses on second and third trips because it is good for business. This puts more drugs on the street and makes them easier for anyone to get.

In the event your child is old enough to see the doctor themselves and is receiving a large dose of any narcotic, report them to your local medical board. You can find a link on our support map for your area. Also send them a notice of this report and they will likely not see your child anymore.